LinkedIn Tips

Join the Alumni LinkedIn Group

This is a way to stay connected with each other and to use this platform for the exchange of business ideas, as well as to stay informed of Wake Forest University School of Business events, discussions, careers and networking opportunities.

Create an Effective Profile

Your profile is a key component of your experience on LinkedIn. It’s your calling card when you reach out across your network, and it’s how potential contacts will locate you and understand your role. Having a complete profile is important to show you’re an active participant in the ecosystem. The tips we’re providing here are inspired and validated by the profiles of the most successful leaders on LinkedIn.

Create a Profile


Control Your Privacy & Confidentiality

Managing privacy on LinkedIn isn’t a matter of limiting your information, it’s a matter of deciding what you’d like to present to those inside your network versus those outside your network. You can easily control the privacy of your network and activities to align with both your constraints & comfort level.

Control Your Privacy


Efficiently Connect With The People That Matter

With more than 400+ million members throughout the world, LinkedIn is both the largest and most advanced business network in the world. It isn’t intended to replace face to face interactions, instead, it optimizes your ability to:

  • Keep your network fresh and active
  • Strengthen your global connections
  • Know more about people you’ve met or are about to meet

Efficiently Communicate