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Community Business Leader Coaching Program

Wake Forest School of Business community business leader coaching program provides a unique opportunity for alumni who are industry professionals to enrich students’ development as both team members and business leaders. Our academic programs, including the Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Management, Master of Science in Business Analytics, Master of Science in Accountancy and select undergraduate business students use our proprietary 360 Team Member Assessment (TMA) to provide developmental feedback on leader behaviors that contribute to team effectiveness. Results from the TMA provide students insight to enhance self-awareness, personal development, and the impact of high performing teams.

Coaches facilitate and support team-level reflection and the creation of a development plan on the TMA feedback process as part of this phenomenal professional development opportunity for both students and coaches.


Coaching Benefits

  • An opportunity to engage in students’ development and connect with the School of Business
  • Increased opportunities to stay engaged with the School of Business
  • Training provided for mid-level leaders in effective performance coaching practices
  • Potential for mentor relationships to continue after the coaching experience
  • Exposure to pool of student talent for future growth and success of the organizations of alumni


Coaching Commitment

  • Invest three hours to complete the formal team performance coaching training
  • Serve once or twice a semester a as team performance coach for a one hour session
  • Engage in mentor relationships as you prefer


Coaching Process

A performance coaching session includes:

  • Setting the conditions for success
  • Establishing positive rapport
  • Facilitating the performance reflection process
  • Ensuring teams identify and commit to improvement goals
  • Supporting teams in creating an action plan
  • Reaffirming principles of development
  • Reviewing agreements and next steps

Our coach helped us relate our performance to real world situations.” – Master of Arts in Management alumnus ‘16


Coaching Train-the-Trainer

30 minutes Pre-read: Basics of Coaching
30 minutes Overview of TMA, category definitions, feedback report
30 minutes Best practices for coaching sessions
90 minutes Coaching role play scenarios


Be a Coach!

For more information or to apply for a coaching position, please contact Lyn Myers at (336) 758-3673 or