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Steward, MichelleRitz, W. ,  Steward, M. ,  Morgan, F. N. , &  (2018). When Sales and Marketing Aren't Aligned, Both Suffer. Harvard Business Review.Jun 2018
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. D. ,  Narus, J. A. , &  Roehm, M. L. (2018). An Exploratory Study of Business-to-Business Online Customer Reviews: External Online Professional Communities and Internal Vendor Scorecards. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.Mar 2018
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Yang, Ya-wenLin, S. ,  Martinez, D. ,  Wang, C. , &  Yang, (2018). Is other comprehensive income reported in the income statement more value relevant?. Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance.Jan 2018
Harris, FrederickHarris, F. H. (2017). Market Fairness: The Poor Country Cousin of Market Efficiency. Journal of Business Ethics/Springer.Dec 2017
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Camm, JeffreyCamm, J. ,  Magazine, M. ,  Kuppusamy, S. ,  Martin (2017). The Demand Weighted Vehicle Routing Problem. European Journal of Operational Research.Oct 2017
Phillips, MatthewPhillips, M. T. (2017). Three Uncles at the Bar. North Carolina State Bar Journal.Oct 2017
Harris, FrederickHarris, F. H. (2017). Managerial Economics: Applications, Strategy and Tactics, Portuguese edition. Cengage Learning.Oct 2017
Harris, FrederickHarris, F. H. (2017). Managerial Economics: Applications, Strategy, and Tactics, Chinese edition. Cengage .Oct 2017
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Thompson, RonaldGoodhue, D. ,  Lewis, W. , &  Thompson, R. L. (2017). A Multicollinearity and Measurement Error Statistical Blind Spot: Correcting False Positives in Regression and PLS. MIS Quarterly.Sep 2017
Sumanth, JohnGok, K. ,  Sumanth, J. ,  Bommer, W. ,  Demirtas, O (2017). You May Not Reap What You Sow: How Employees' Moral Awareness Minimizes Ethical Leadership's Positive Impact on Workplace Deviance . Journal of Business Ethics.Aug 2017
Brower, HollyBrower, H. ,  Lester, S. W. , &  Korsgaard, M. A. (2017). Want your employees to trust you? Show them you trust them. Harvard Business Review.Jul 2017
Boone, DerrickCorriere, M. A. ,  Keith, D. ,  Ip, E. ,  Burke, G. (2017). Focus Group Study of Questions, Concerns, and Treatment Factors Important to People With Symptomatic Peripheral Artery Disease: A Roadmap for Patient-Centered Care and Communication. Journal of Vascular Surgery.Jun 2017
Camm, JeffreyWomer, K. ,  Li, H. ,  Camm, J. ,  Osterman, C. (2017). Learning and Bayesian updating in long-cycle made-to-order (MTO) production. Omega.Jun 2017
Patel, AjaySorokina, N. ,  Thornton, J. H. , &  Patel, A. (2017). Why Do Banks Choose to Finance with Equity?. Journal of Financial Stability.Jun 2017
Gurnani, HareshBoleslavsky, R. ,  Cotton, C. , &  Gurnani, H. (2017). Demonstrations and Price Competition in New Product Release. Management Science.Jun 2017
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Otteson, JamesOtteson, J. (2017). "The Misuse of Egalitarianism in Society". The Independent Review.May 2017
Duchac, JonDuchac, J. ,  Campbell, J. L. , &  Faegin, J. (2017). The Use of Fair Value Accounting in Risk Management of Non-Financial Firms. European Accounting Association.Apr 2017
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. (2017). Standardization of Winning Streaks in Sports. Applied Mathematics.Mar 2017
Nash, RobertNash, R. C. , &  , . (2017). Contracting Issues at the Intersection of the Public and Private Sectors: New Data and New Insights. Journal of Corporate Finance.Feb 2017
Hannah, SeanWaldman, D. ,  Wang, D. ,  Hannah, S. , &  Bal (2017). A neurological and ideological perspective of ethical leadership. Academy of Management Journal.Jan 2017
West, PageRagsdale, B. A. , &  West, P. (2017). George Washington: Innovative Farmer and Businessman. George Washington Leadership Institute.Jan 2017
Shafer, ScottMeredith, J. R. ,  Shafer, S. M. , &  Mantel, S. J. (2017). Project Management in Practice, 5th ed.. John Wiley & Sons.Jan 2017
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Hannah, SeanWright, T. A. ,  Quick, J. C. ,  Hannah, S. , &  (2017). Best Practice Recommendations for Scale Construction in Organizational Research: The Development and Initial Validation of the Character Strength Inventory (CSI). Journal of Organizational Behavior.Jan 2017
Herbst, KennethWansink, B. ,  Soman, D. , &  Herbst, K. C. (2017). Larger partitions lead to larger sales: Divided grocery carts alter purchase norms and increase sales. Journal of Business Research.Jan 2017
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McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. (2016). A Visual Approach to Statistics with R. Self-Published.Dec 2016
Baliga, RajaramBaliga, R. B. ,  , T. , &  , . (2016). Escaping Business as usual: Rethinking Strategy. Talentum Pro.Oct 2016
Knight, LeeKnight, L. , &  Knight, R. (2016). How the Loss Limitation Rules Impact Deductibility for Taxpayers. CPA Journal.Oct 2016
Evans, MarkEvans, M. (2016). Commitment and Cost of Equity Capital: An Examination of Timely Balance Sheet Disclosure in Earnings Announcements. Contemporary Accounting Research.Oct 2016
Pinder, JonathanPinder, J. P. (2016). Introduction to Business Analytics Using Simulation Models. Academic Press.Sep 2016
Avery, DerekAvery, D. (2016). A plea for bystander intervention. Industrial & Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.Sep 2016
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Martin, DaleMessier, S. P. ,  Martin, D. ,  Mihalko, S. L. ,  I (2016). A 2-Year Prospective Observational Study To Determine The Etiologic Factors Associated With Overuse Running Injuries: 652 June 1, 2: 45 PM - 3: 00 PM.. Medicine and science in sports and exercise.May 2016
Steward, MichelleRea, P. ,  Kolp, A. ,  Ritz, W. , &  Steward, (2016). Corporate Ethics Can't Be Reduced to Compliance. Harvard Business Review.Apr 2016
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