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Cianci, AnnaCianci, A. ,  Clor-Proell, S. , &  Kaplan, S. (2019). How do investors respond to restatements? Repairing trust through managerial reputation and corrective actions. Journal of Business Ethics.Aug 2019
Gurnani, HareshGuan, H. ,  Gurnani, H. ,  Geng, X. , &  Luo, Y. (2019). Strategic Inventory and Supplier Encroachment. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.Jul 2019
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. (2019). A Markov Simulation Approach to Balancing Bike-Sharing Systems. American Journal of Operational Research.Jun 2019
Hannah, SeanBeaudoin, C. ,  Cianci, A. ,  Hannah, S. , &  Tsakumis, G. (2019). Bolstering managers' resistance to temptation via the firm's commitment to corporate social responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics.Jun 2019
Patel, AjayNash, R. C. , &  Patel, A. (2019). Instrumental Variables Analysis and the Role of National Culture in Corporate Finance. Financial Management.Jun 2019
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. (2019). Analytics for Liberal Arts Students. Kindle Direct Publishing.May 2019
Cianci, AnnaCampbell, J. ,  Cecchini, M. ,  Cianci, A. ,  Ehinger, A. , &  Werner, E. (2019). Tax-related mandatory risk factor disclosures, future profitability, and stock returns. Review of Accounting Studies.Mar 2019
Smith, ChristopherSmith, C. ,  Scherer, W. T. ,  Todd, A. , &  Maxwell, D. T. (2019). Quantitative approaches to representing the value of information within the intelligence cycle. IGI Global.Jan 2019
Avery, DerekGrandey, A. A. ,  Houston, L. , &  Avery, D. (2019). Fake it ?til you make it: Emotional labor reduces the racial disparity in service performance judgements. Journal of Management.Jan 2019
Avery, DerekDavid, E. M. ,  Avery, D. ,  Witt, L. A. ,  Tonidandel, S. ,  McKay, P. F. ,  Brown, L. , &  Crepeau, L. (2019). Helping misfits to commit: How justice climate attenuates the effects of personality dissimilarity on organizational commitment. Journal of Business and Psychology.Jan 2019
Avery, DerekHall, E. V. ,  Avery, D. ,  McKay, P. F. ,  Blot, J. F. , &  Edwards, M. (2019). Composition and compensation: The moderating effect of individual and team performance on racial stigma-by-association and salary. Journal of Applied Psychology.Jan 2019
Avery, DerekRichard, O. C. ,  Avery, D. ,  Luksyte, A. ,  Boncoeur, O. D. , &  Spitzmueller, C. M. (2019). Improving organizational newcomers' creative job performance through creative process engagement: The moderating role of a synergy diversity climate. Personnel Psychology.Jan 2019
Maier, DenisMaier, D. T. (2018). Effective Supplier Development: The Groundhog Day Syndrome. Manufacturing Today.Dec 2018
Camm, JeffreyBowers, M. ,  Camm, J. , &  Chavraborty, G. (2018). The Evolution of Analytics and Implications for Industry and Academic Programs. Interfaces.Dec 2018
Camm, JeffreyCamm, J. (2018). How to Influence and Improve Decisions Through Optimization Models. INFORMS.Nov 2018
Moss, SherryCaza, B. B. ,  Moss, S. E. , &  Vough, H. (2018). From synchronizing to harmonizing: The process of authenticating multiple work identities. Administrative Science Quarterly.Oct 2018
Nickles, SteveMurphy, E. , &  Nickles, S. H. (2018). The Unauthorized Practice of Law for Nonlawyers. West Academic.Sep 2018
Steward, MichelleKumar, A. ,  Steward, M. , &  Morgan, F. N. (2018). Delivering Superior Customer Experience in Solutions Delivery Processes: Seven Factors for Success. Business Horizons.Sep 2018
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. , &  Scott, C. D. (2018). Leading Questions: A Categorization System. Marketing Management Journal.Sep 2018
Moss, SherryKhan, A. ,  Moss, S. E. ,  Quratulain, S. , &  Hameed, I. (2018). When and How Subordinate Performance Leads to Abusive Supervision: A Social Dominance Perspective. Journal of Management.Sep 2018
Moss, SherryMoss, S. E. (2018). Research is Set Up for Bullies to Thrive. Nature.Aug 2018
Gurnani, HareshThanh, T. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Desiraju, R. (2018). Optimal Design of Returns Policies. Marketing Science.Aug 2018
Ford, KennethFord, K. D. ,  Ta, H. ,  Esper, T. L. , &  Garcia-Dastuge, S. (2018). Trustworthiness Change and Relationship Continuity After Contract Breach in Financial Supply Chains. Journal of Supply Chain Management.Jul 2018
Moss, SherryMartinko, M. J. ,  Mackey, J. ,  Moss, S. E. ,  Harvey, P. ,  McAllister, C. , &  Brees, J. (2018). An Exploration of the Role of Subordinate Affect in Leader Evaluations. Journal of Applied Psychology.Jul 2018
Steward, MichelleRitz, W. ,  Steward, M. ,  Morgan, F. N. , &  Hair Jr., J. F. (2018). When Sales and Marketing Aren't Aligned, Both Suffer. Harvard Business Review.Jun 2018
West, PageWest, P. (2018). Strategic Management: Value Creation, Sustainability, and Performance. Riderwood Publishing.May 2018
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Narus, JamesMandjak, T. ,  Belaid, S. , &  Narus, J. A. (2018). The Impact of the Altered Political Economy on the Tunisian Auto Parts Market. The IMP Journal (i.e., Industrial Marketing & Purchasing)/Emerald Insight Publisher.Mar 2018
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. D. ,  Narus, J. A. , &  Roehm, M. L. (2018). An Exploratory Study of Business-to-Business Online Customer Reviews: External Online Professional Communities and Internal Vendor Scorecards. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.Mar 2018
Canace, ThomasCanace, T. ,  Jackson, S. , &  Ma, T. (2018). R&D Investments, Capital Expenditures, and Earnings Thresholds. Review of Accounting Studies.Mar 2018
Camm, JeffreyCamm, J. ,  Cochran, J. ,  Fry, M. ,  Ohlmann, J. , &  , . (2018). Business Analytics 3e. Cengage.Feb 2018
Baker, TerryBaker, T. ,  reitenga, a. ,  Lopez, T. , &  Ruch, G. (2018). The influence of CEO and CFO power on accruals and real earnings management. Springer.Feb 2018
Johnson, MarkJohnson, M. ,  Leggio, K. , &  Shin, Y. (2018). The Impact of Bond Ratings on Rule 144A Private Placement Bonds. The Journal of Fixed Income.Jan 2018
Johnson, MarkJohnson, M. , &  Shin, Y. (2018). Determinants of Yields in Private Colleges' Revenue Bonds. The Journal of Wealth Management.Jan 2018
Avery, DerekLuksyte, A. ,  Unsworth, K. , &  Avery, D. (2018). Innovative work behavior and sex-based stereotypes: Examining sex differences in perceptions and evaluations of innovative work behavior. Journal of Organizational Behavior.Jan 2018
Avery, DerekVolpone, S. D. ,  Marquardt, D. J. ,  Casper, W. J. , &  Avery, D. (2018). Minimizing cross-cultural maladaptation: How minority status facilitates change in international acculturation. Journal of Applied Psychology.Jan 2018
Avery, DerekKing, E. B. ,  Avery, D. ,  Hebl, M. R. , &  Cortina, J. M. (2018). Systematic subjectivity: How subtle biases infect the scholarship review process. Journal of Management.Jan 2018
Avery, DerekRubino, C. ,  Avery, D. ,  McKay, P. F. ,  Moore, B. L. ,  Wilson, D. C. ,  Van Driel, M. S. ,  Witt, L. A. , &  McDonald, D. P. (2018). And justice for all: How organizational justice climate deters sexual harassment. Personnel Psychology.Jan 2018
Shafer, ScottMeredith, J. R. ,  Shafer, S. M. , &  Mantel, S. J. (2018). Project Management: A Strategic Managerial Approach, 10th ed.. .Jan 2018
Steward, MichelleAtilla, E. A. ,  Steward, M. ,  Wu, Z. , &  Hartley, J. L. (2018). Triadic Relationships in Healthcare. Business Horizons.Jan 2018
Yang, Ya-wenHarjoto, A. ,  Laksmana, R. , &  Yang, Y. (2018). Why Do Companies Obtain the B Corporation Certification?. Social Responsibility Journal .Jan 2018
Yang, Ya-wenHarjoto, A. ,  Laksmana, R. , &  Yang, Y. (2018). Board nationality and educational background diversity and corporate social performance. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society.Jan 2018
Yang, Ya-wenLin, S. ,  Martinez, D. ,  Wang, C. , &  Yang, Y. (2018). Is other comprehensive income reported in the income statement more value relevant?. Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance.Jan 2018
Yang, Ya-wenHarjoto, A. ,  Laksmana, R. , &  Yang, Y. (2018). Board diversity and corporate investment oversight. Journal of Business Research.Jan 2018
Thompson, RonaldHannah, S. ,  Thompson, R. L. , &  Herbst, K. C. (2018). Moral identity complexity: Situated morality within and across work and social roles. Journal of Management.Jan 2018
Harris, FrederickHarris, F. H. (2017). Market Fairness: The Poor Country Cousin of Market Efficiency. Journal of Business Ethics/Springer.Dec 2017