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Cianci, AnnaCampbell, J. ,  Cecchini, M. ,  Cianci, A. ,  Ehinger, A. , &  Werner, E. (2019). Tax-related mandatory risk factor disclosures, future profitability, and stock returns. Review of Accounting Studies.Mar 2019
Canace, ThomasCanace, T. ,  Jackson, S. , &  Ma, T. (2018). R&D Investments, Capital Expenditures, and Earnings Thresholds. Review of Accounting Studies.Mar 2018
Yang, Ya-wenLin, S. ,  Martinez, D. ,  Wang, C. , &  Yang, Y. (2018). Is other comprehensive income reported in the income statement more value relevant?. Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance.Jan 2018
Evans, MarkEvans, M. ,  Njoroge, K. , &  Yong, K. O. (2017). An Examination of the Statistical Significance and Economic Relevance of Profitability and Earnings Forecasts from Models and Analysts. Contemporary Accounting Research.Sep 2017
Aldhizer, GeorgeAldhizer, G. (2017). Visual and Text Analytics: The Next Step in Forensic Auditing and Accounting. CPA Journal; New York State Society of CPAs.Jun 2017
Duchac, JonDuchac, J. ,  Campbell, J. L. , &  Faegin, J. (2017). The Use of Fair Value Accounting in Risk Management of Non-Financial Firms. European Accounting Association.Apr 2017
Reid, LaurenReid, L. C. , &  Carcello, J. V. (2017). Investor Reaction to the Prospect of Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation. ACCOUNTING REVIEW.Jan 2017
Evans, MarkEvans, M. (2016). Commitment and Cost of Equity Capital: An Examination of Timely Balance Sheet Disclosure in Earnings Announcements. Contemporary Accounting Research.Oct 2016
Nash, RobertNash, R. C. ,  D'Souza, J. ,  , . , &  , . (2016). Private Benefits of State Ownership: The Role of Media and National Culture. Journal of Accounting and Finance.Jul 2016
Canace, ThomasCanace, T. , &  Salzsieder, L. (2016). The timing of asset purchases to achieve earnings thresholds. Journal of Management Accounting Research.Jan 2016