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Resnick, BruceResnick, B. G. , &  Eun, C. S. (2017). International Financial Management, 8th. McGraw-Hill Education.Jan 2017
Kelton, AndreaKelton, A. , &  Murthy, U. (2016). The effects of information dissaggregation and financial statement interactivity on judgments and decisions of nonprofessional investors. Journal of Information Systems.Oct 2016
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Kelton, AndreaKelton, A. , &  Pennington, R. R. (2016). How much is enough? An investigation of information search and stopping rule use in investment decision making. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems.Jun 2016
Gurnani, HareshChen, H. ,  Gupta, D. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Jana (2016). A Stochastic Inventory Model with Fast-Ship Commitment. Production and Operations Management.Apr 2016
Gurnani, HareshWang, H. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Erkoc, M. (2016). Entry Deterrence of Capacitated Competition using Price and Non-Price Strategies. Production and Operations Management.Apr 2016
Canace, ThomasCanace, T. , &  Salzsieder, L. (2016). The timing of asset purchases to achieve earnings thresholds. Journal of Management Accounting Research.Jan 2016
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Meredith, JackSimpson, D. , &  Meredith, J. R. (2015). Professional, Research, and Publishing Trends in Opns and Supply Chain Management. Jr. of Supply Chain Management.Jul 2015
Wayne, JulieCaza, A. ,  Brower, H. , &  Wayne, J. (2015). Walking the talk: An empirical look at the effects of a holistic, experiential business curriculum on student outcomes. The International Journal of Management Education.Apr 2015
Wayne, JulieCaza, A. ,  Brower, H. , &  Wayne, J. (2015). Effects of a holistic, experiential curriculum on business students' satisfaction and career confidence. International Journal of Management Education.Jan 2015
Aldhizer, GeorgeAldhizer, G. , &  juras, p. (2015). Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery Systems. CPA Journal; New York State Society of CPAs.Jan 2015
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Brower, HollyKoorsgard, A. ,  Brower, H. , &  Lester, S. (2015). It Isn't Always Mutual: A Critical Review of Dyadic Trust" . Journal of Management.Jan 2015
Brower, HollyCaza, A. , &  Brower, H. (2015). Mentioning the unmentioned: An interactive interview about the informal management curriculum. Academy of Management Learning and Education.Jan 2015
Cianci, AnnaBeaudoin, C. A. ,  Cianci, A. , &  Tsakumis, G. T. (2015). The impact of CFOs' incentives and earnings management ethics on their financial reporting decisions: The mediating role of moral disengagement. Journal of Business Ethics.Jan 2015
Avery, DerekAvery, D. ,  McKay, P. F. , &  Volpone, S. D. (2015). Are Black Leaders "Color Safe"? The Impact of Leader Race on Organizational Stigma. Academy of Management Proceedings.Jan 2015
Avery, DerekMcKay, P. F. , &  Avery, D. (2015). Diversity climate in organizations: Current wisdom and domains of uncertainty. Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management.Jan 2015
Avery, DerekJiang, K. ,  Hong, Y. ,  McKay, P. F. ,  Avery, D. (2015). Retaining employees through anti--sexual harassment practices: Exploring the mediating role of psychological distress and employee engagement. Human Resource Management.Jan 2015
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Yang, Ya-wenLaksmana, R. , &  Yang, Y. (2014). Product market competition and earnings management: Evidence from discretionary accruals and real activity manipulation. Advances in Accounting.Dec 2014
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Sumanth, JohnSumanth, J. , &  Hannah, S. (2014). Developing leadership capacity: An integration and exploration of ethical and authentic leadership antecedents . Research in Management.Jul 2014
West, PageWest, P. (2014). Strategic Management: Value Creation, Sustainability, and Performance. Riderwood Publishing.Jul 2014
Gurnani, HareshTang, Y. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Gupta, D. (2014). Managing Disruptions in Decentralized Supply Chains with Endogenous Supply Reliability. Production and Operations Management.Jul 2014
McCray, GordonPurvis, R. L. ,  Zagenczyk, T. J. , &  McCray, G. (2014). What's in it for me? Using expectancy theory and climate to explain stakeholder participation, its direction and intensity. International Journal of Project Management.Jun 2014
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Resnick, BruceResnick, B. G. , &  Billingsley, R. (2014). A Trading Strategy to Profit from Overly Aggressive Downward Earnings Guidance. Journal of Portfolio Management.Jan 2014
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Kelton, AndreaKelton, A. , &  Gaynor, L. M. (2014). The effects of analyst forecasts and earnings trends on perceptions of management forecast credibility. Accounting and Finance.Jan 2014
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West, PageWest, P. (2013). Strategic Management: Value Creation, Sustainability, and Performance. Riderwood Publishing.Aug 2013
West, PageWest, P. (2013). Capitalism 2.0: Implications for Management 2.0. Management Research Review.Jul 2013
Gurnani, HareshHu, X. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Wang, L. (2013). Managing Risk of Supply Disruptions: Incentives for Capacity Restoration. Production and Operations Management.Jan 2013
Lankau, MelenieDe Janasz, S. ,  Behson, S. ,  Lankau, M. , &  (2013). Dual sources of support for dual roles: How mentoring and work-family climate influence work-family conflict and job attitudes. International Journal of Human Resource Management.Jan 2013
Lari, AlirezaLari, A. , &  Asllani, A. (2013). Quality Cost Management Support System: An Effective Tool for Organizational Performance Improvement. Journal of Total Quality Management & Business Excellence: An Official Journal of the European Society for Organisational Excellence.Jan 2013
Avery, DerekRubino, C. ,  Volpone, S. D. , &  Avery, D. (2013). Burnout on Mars and Venus: exploring gender differences in emotional exhaustion. Gender in Management: An International Journal.Jan 2013
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Shafer, ScottShafer, S. M. , &  Moeller, S. (2012). The Effects of Six Sigma on Corporate Performance: An Empirical Investigation. Journal of Operations Management.Dec 2012
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Narus, JamesWynstra, F. ,  Anderson, J. C. ,  Narus, J. A. , &  (2012). Supplier Development Responsibility and NPD Project Outcomes: The Mediating Roles of Monetary Quantification of Differences and Supporting-Detail Gathering. Journal of Product Innovation Management.Dec 2012
Hannah, SeanSchaubroeck, J. ,  Hannah, S. ,  Avolio, B. J. ,  K (2012). Embedding ethical leadership within and across organization levels. Academy of Management Journal.Oct 2012
Hannah, SeanSchaubroeck, J. ,  Peng, A. C. , &  Hannah, S. (2012). Developing trust in leaders and peers, relational identity, and the acceleration of organizational identification during entry. Academy of Management Journal.Jul 2012
Hannah, SeanAvey, J. ,  Luthans, F. ,  Hannah, S. ,  Sweetman, (2012). Wisdom: A strength of character to reduce stress and facilitate creativity. Human Resource Management Journal.Apr 2012
Kelton, AndreaKelton, A. , &  Pennington, R. R. (2012). Internet financial reporting: The effects of information presentation format and content differences on investor decision making. Computers in Human Behavior.Apr 2012
Yang, Ya-wenLaksmana, R. ,  Tietz, W. , &  Yang, Y. (2012). Compensation discussion and analysis (CD&A): Readability and management obfuscation. Journal of Accounting & Public Policy.Jan 2012