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Gurnani, HareshGuan, H. ,  Gurnani, H. ,  Geng, X. , &  Luo, Y. (2019). Strategic Inventory and Supplier Encroachment. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.Jul 2019
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. (2019). A Markov Simulation Approach to Balancing Bike-Sharing Systems. American Journal of Operational Research.Jun 2019
Patel, AjayNash, R. C. , &  Patel, A. (2019). Instrumental Variables Analysis and the Role of National Culture in Corporate Finance. Financial Management.Jun 2019
Avery, DerekGrandey, A. A. ,  Houston, L. , &  Avery, D. (2019). Fake it ?til you make it: Emotional labor reduces the racial disparity in service performance judgements. Journal of Management.Jan 2019
Smith, ChristopherSmith, C. ,  Scherer, W. T. ,  Todd, A. , &  Maxwell, D. T. (2019). Quantitative approaches to representing the value of information within the intelligence cycle. IGI Global.Jan 2019
Camm, JeffreyCamm, J. (2018). How to Influence and Improve Decisions Through Optimization Models. INFORMS.Nov 2018
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. , &  Scott, C. D. (2018). Leading Questions: A Categorization System. Marketing Management Journal.Sep 2018
Moss, SherryKhan, A. ,  Moss, S. E. ,  Quratulain, S. , &  Hameed, I. (2018). When and How Subordinate Performance Leads to Abusive Supervision: A Social Dominance Perspective. Journal of Management.Sep 2018
Ford, KennethFord, K. D. ,  Ta, H. ,  Esper, T. L. , &  Garcia-Dastuge, S. (2018). Trustworthiness Change and Relationship Continuity After Contract Breach in Financial Supply Chains. Journal of Supply Chain Management.Jul 2018
West, PageWest, P. (2018). Strategic Management: Value Creation, Sustainability, and Performance. Riderwood Publishing.May 2018
Gurnani, HareshWang, Z. ,  Hu, X. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Guan, H. (2018). Multichannel Distribution Strategy: Selling to a Competing Buyer with Limited Supplier Capacity. Management Science.May 2018
Shafer, ScottShafer, S. M. (2018). Determining an Optimal Margin of Error for Supply Chain Audits. Operations Management Research, Srpringer.Mar 2018
Baker, TerryBaker, T. ,  reitenga, a. ,  Lopez, T. , &  Ruch, G. (2018). The influence of CEO and CFO power on accruals and real earnings management. Springer.Feb 2018
Johnson, MarkJohnson, M. , &  Shin, Y. (2018). Determinants of Yields in Private Colleges' Revenue Bonds. The Journal of Wealth Management.Jan 2018
Avery, DerekKing, E. B. ,  Avery, D. ,  Hebl, M. R. , &  Cortina, J. M. (2018). Systematic subjectivity: How subtle biases infect the scholarship review process. Journal of Management.Jan 2018
Thompson, RonaldHannah, S. ,  Thompson, R. L. , &  Herbst, K. C. (2018). Moral identity complexity: Situated morality within and across work and social roles. Journal of Management.Jan 2018
Shafer, ScottMeredith, J. R. ,  Shafer, S. M. , &  Mantel, S. J. (2018). Project Management: A Strategic Managerial Approach, 10th ed.. .Jan 2018
Gurnani, HareshBoleslavsky, R. ,  Cotton, C. , &  Gurnani, H. (2017). Demonstrations and Price Competition in New Product Release. Management Science.Jun 2017
Duchac, JonDuchac, J. ,  Campbell, J. L. , &  Faegin, J. (2017). The Use of Fair Value Accounting in Risk Management of Non-Financial Firms. European Accounting Association.Apr 2017
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Avery, DerekLindsey, A. P. ,  Avery, D. ,  Dawson, J. F. , &  King, E. B. (2017). Investigating why and for whom management ethnic representativeness influences interpersonal mistreatment in the workplace. Journal of Applied Psychology.Jan 2017
Shafer, ScottMeredith, J. R. , &  Shafer, S. M. (2016). Operations and Supply Chain Management for MBAs, 6th ed. . John Wiley & Sons.Nov 2016
Brower, HollyMoorman, R. ,  Brower, H. , &  Grover, S. (2016). Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Trust: The Double Reinforcing Spiral. Oxford University Press.Aug 2016
West, PageWest, P. (2016). Strategic Management: Value Creation, Sustainability, and Performance. Riderwood Publishing.Jul 2016
Gurnani, HareshWang, H. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Erkoc, M. (2016). Entry Deterrence of Capacitated Competition using Price and Non-Price Strategies. Production and Operations Management.Apr 2016
Gurnani, HareshChen, H. ,  Gupta, D. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Janakiraman, G. (2016). A Stochastic Inventory Model with Fast-Ship Commitment. Production and Operations Management.Apr 2016
Canace, ThomasCanace, T. , &  Salzsieder, L. (2016). The timing of asset purchases to achieve earnings thresholds. Journal of Management Accounting Research.Jan 2016
Gurnani, HareshChen, H. ,  Gupta, D. , &  Gurnani, H. (2016). Balancing Inventory and Stockout Risk in Retail Supply Chains Using Fast-ship. Production and Operations Management.Jan 2016
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Salge, CarolinaSalge, C. (2015). The Limiting Use of Meta-Analysis in Sport Management: A Case of Constraints and Sport Leisure Consumption. Journal of Contemporary Athletics.Apr 2015
Wayne, JulieCaza, A. ,  Brower, H. , &  Wayne, J. (2015). Walking the talk: An empirical look at the effects of a holistic, experiential business curriculum on student outcomes. The International Journal of Management Education.Apr 2015
Brower, HollyCaza, A. , &  Brower, H. (2015). Mentioning the unmentioned: An interactive interview about the informal management curriculum. Academy of Management Learning and Education.Jan 2015
Brower, HollyKoorsgard, A. ,  Brower, H. , &  Lester, S. (2015). It Isn't Always Mutual: A Critical Review of Dyadic Trust" . Journal of Management.Jan 2015
Cianci, AnnaBeaudoin, C. A. ,  Cianci, A. , &  Tsakumis, G. T. (2015). The impact of CFOs' incentives and earnings management ethics on their financial reporting decisions: The mediating role of moral disengagement. Journal of Business Ethics.Jan 2015
Aldhizer, GeorgeAldhizer, G. , &  juras, p. (2015). Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery Systems. CPA Journal; New York State Society of CPAs.Jan 2015
Camm, JeffreyAnderson, D. ,  Sweeney, D. ,  Williams, T. ,  Camm, J. ,  Cochran, J. ,  Fry, M. , &  Ohlmann, J. (2015). An Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making 14th Edition. .Jan 2015
Avery, DerekAvery, D. ,  McKay, P. F. , &  Volpone, S. D. (2015). Are Black Leaders "Color Safe"? The Impact of Leader Race on Organizational Stigma. Academy of Management Proceedings.Jan 2015
Avery, DerekMcKay, P. F. , &  Avery, D. (2015). Diversity climate in organizations: Current wisdom and domains of uncertainty. Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management.Jan 2015
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Sumanth, JohnSumanth, J. , &  Hannah, S. (2014). Developing leadership capacity: An integration and exploration of ethical and authentic leadership antecedents . Research in Management.Jul 2014
West, PageWest, P. (2014). Strategic Management: Value Creation, Sustainability, and Performance. Riderwood Publishing.Jul 2014
Gurnani, HareshTang, Y. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Gupta, D. (2014). Managing Disruptions in Decentralized Supply Chains with Endogenous Supply Reliability. Production and Operations Management.Jul 2014
McCray, GordonPurvis, R. L. ,  Zagenczyk, T. J. , &  McCray, G. (2014). What's in it for me? Using expectancy theory and climate to explain stakeholder participation, its direction and intensity. International Journal of Project Management.Jun 2014