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Steward, MichelleSteward, M. , &  Scott, C. D. (2018). Leading Questions: A Categorization System. Marketing Management Journal.Sep 2018
Gurnani, HareshThanh, T. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Desiraju, R. (2018). Optimal Design of Returns Policies. Marketing Science.Aug 2018
Steward, MichelleRitz, W. ,  Steward, M. ,  Morgan, F. N. , &  Hair Jr., J. F. (2018). When Sales and Marketing Aren't Aligned, Both Suffer. Harvard Business Review.Jun 2018
Narus, JamesMandjak, T. ,  Belaid, S. , &  Narus, J. A. (2018). The Impact of the Altered Political Economy on the Tunisian Auto Parts Market. The IMP Journal (i.e., Industrial Marketing & Purchasing)/Emerald Insight Publisher.Mar 2018
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. D. ,  Narus, J. A. , &  Roehm, M. L. (2018). An Exploratory Study of Business-to-Business Online Customer Reviews: External Online Professional Communities and Internal Vendor Scorecards. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.Mar 2018
Gurnani, HareshBagchi, R. ,  Kukova, N. ,  Gurnani, H. ,  Nagarajan, M. , &  Oza, S. (2016). Walking in My Shoes: How Expectations of Role Reversals in Future Transactions Impact Present Behaviors. Journal of Marketing Research.Jun 2016
Lari, AlirezaAsllani, A. , &  Lari, A. (2015). Using goal programming to increase the efficiency of marketing campaigns. Journal of International & Interdisciplinary Business Research.Oct 2015
Roehm, MichelleRoehm, M. L. , &  Roehm Jr., H. A. (2010). The Relationship between Packaging Uniformity and Variety Seeking. Psychology & Marketing.Dec 2010
Gurnani, HareshYin, S. ,  Ray, S. ,  Gurnani, H. , &  Animesh, A. (2010). Durable Products with Multiple Used Goods Markets: Product Upgrade and Retail Pricing Implications. Marketing Science.May 2010
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. , &  Lewis, B. (2010). A Comprehensive Analysis of Marketing Journal Rankings. Journal of Marketing Education.Apr 2010
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. D. ,  Walker, B. A. ,  Hutt, M. D. , &  Kumar, A. (2010). The Coordination Strategies of High-Performing Account Mangers: Internal Working Relationships That Drive Success. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.Jan 2010
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. ,  Martin, G. S. ,  Burns, A. C. , &  Bush, R. F. (2010). Using the Madeline Hunter Direct Instruction Model to Improve Outcome Assessments in Marketing Programs. Journal of Marketing Education.Jan 2010
Steward, MichelleMorgan, F. ,  McCabe, D. ,  Howley, M. ,  McCabe, J. , &  Steward, M. (2010). The Influence of Different Types of Cues-to-Action on Vaccination Behavior: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice.Jan 2010
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. D. ,  Morgan, F. N. ,  Crosby, L. A. , &  Kumar, A. (2010). Exploring Cross-National Differences in Organizational Buyers' Normative Expectations of Supplier Performance. Journal of International Marketing.Jan 2010
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. ,  Wu, Z. , &  Hartley, J. L. (2010). Exploring Intrapreneurial Ability and Supply Managers' Relationship Skills. Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing.Jan 2010
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. (2009). A Typology of Coordination Strategies Employed by Business-to-Business Salespeople. Marketing Management Journal.Jan 2009
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. ,  Hutt, M. D. ,  Walker, B. A. , &  Kumar, A. (2009). Role Identity and Attributions of High-Performing Salespeople. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.Jan 2009
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Herbst, KennethWood, N. T. , &  Herbst, K. C. (2007). Political star power and political parties: Does celebrity endorsement win first-time votes?. Journal of Political Marketing.Jan 2007
Roehm, MichelleRoehm Jr., H. A. , &  Roehm, M. L. (2007). The Relationship between FSI Advertising Style and Coupon Redemption. Marketing Letters.Jan 2007
Roehm, MichelleRoehm Jr., H. A. , &  Roehm, M. L. (2007). Can Brand Encounters Inspire Flashbulb Memories?. Psychology & Marketing.Jan 2007
Roehm, MichelleRoehm, M. L. , &  Tybout, A. M. (2006). When Will a Brand Scandal Spill Over and How Should Competitors Respond?. Journal of Marketing Research.Jan 2006
Herbst, KennethHerbst, K. C. ,  Stanton, J. L. , &  Armstrong, G. A. (2006). Don't be fooled: Profits result from being innovative and meeting consumers' need for convenience. Innovative Marketing.Jan 2006
Herbst, KennethStanton, J. L. , &  Herbst, K. C. (2005). Commodities must begin to act like branded companies: Some perspectives from the United States. Journal of Marketing Management.Jan 2005
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Roehm, MichelleRoehm Jr., H. A. , &  Roehm, M. L. (2004). Variety-Seeking and Time of Day: Why Leader Brands Hope Young Adults Shop in the Afternoon, but Follower Brands Hope for Morning. Marketing Letters.Jan 2004
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Roehm, MichelleBoone, D. S. , &  Roehm, M. L. (2002). Evaluating the Appropriateness of Market Segmentation Solutions Using Artificial Neural Networks and the Membership Clustering Criterion. Marketing Letters.Jan 2002
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Harris, FrederickHarris, F. H. , &  Peacock, P. (1995). Hold My Place Please! Yield Management: Extending the Concept in Services Marketing. Marketing Management.Oct 1995