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Sumanth, JohnMoss, S. E. ,  Song, M. ,  Hannah, S. ,  Wang, Z. , &  Sumanth, J. (2019). The duty to improve oneself: How duty orientation mediates the relationship between ethical leadership and followers' feedback seeking and avoiding behavior. Journal of Business Ethics.Jan 2019
Wayne, JulieWayne, J. ,  Odle-Dusseau, h. ,  Matthews, R. , &  Casper, W. J. (2019). To thine self be true: Work-family authenticity. Journal of Vocational Behavior.Jan 2019
Avery, DerekDavid, E. M. ,  Avery, D. ,  Witt, L. A. ,  Tonidandel, S. ,  McKay, P. F. ,  Brown, L. , &  Crepeau, L. (2019). Helping misfits to commit: How justice climate attenuates the effects of personality dissimilarity on organizational commitment. Journal of Business and Psychology.Jan 2019
Avery, DerekRichard, O. C. ,  Avery, D. ,  Luksyte, A. ,  Boncoeur, O. D. , &  Spitzmueller, C. M. (2019). Improving organizational newcomers' creative job performance through creative process engagement: The moderating role of a synergy diversity climate. Personnel Psychology.Jan 2019
Brower, HollyMoorman, R. ,  Brower, H. , &  Grover, S. (2018). Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Trust: The Double Reinforcing Spiral. Oxford University Press.Jul 2018
Avery, DerekLuksyte, A. ,  Unsworth, K. , &  Avery, D. (2018). Innovative work behavior and sex-based stereotypes: Examining sex differences in perceptions and evaluations of innovative work behavior. Journal of Organizational Behavior.Jan 2018
Avery, DerekRubino, C. ,  Avery, D. ,  McKay, P. F. ,  Moore, B. L. ,  Wilson, D. C. ,  Van Driel, M. S. ,  Witt, L. A. , &  McDonald, D. P. (2018). And justice for all: How organizational justice climate deters sexual harassment. Personnel Psychology.Jan 2018
Hannah, SeanEberly, M. B. ,  Bluhm, D. J. ,  Guarana, C. ,  Avolio, B. J. , &  Hannah, S. (2017). Staying After the Storm: How Transformational Leadership Relates To Follower Turnover Intentions in Extreme Contexts. . Journal of Vocational Behavior.Jan 2017
Hannah, SeanWright, T. A. ,  Quick, J. C. ,  Hannah, S. , &  Hargrove, B. M. (2017). Best Practice Recommendations for Scale Construction in Organizational Research: The Development and Initial Validation of the Character Strength Inventory (CSI). Journal of Organizational Behavior.Jan 2017
Hannah, SeanDemirtas, O. ,  Hannah, S. ,  Gok, K. ,  Arslan, A. , &  Capar, N. (2017). The Moderated Influence of Ethical Leadership, via Meaningful Work, on Followers' Engagement, Organizational Identification, and Envy. Journal of Business Ethics.Jan 2017
Avery, DerekAvery, D. (2016). A plea for bystander intervention. Industrial & Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.Sep 2016
Gurnani, HareshBagchi, R. ,  Kukova, N. ,  Gurnani, H. ,  Nagarajan, M. , &  Oza, S. (2016). Walking in My Shoes: How Expectations of Role Reversals in Future Transactions Impact Present Behaviors. Journal of Marketing Research.Jun 2016
West, PageWest, P. , &  Taplin, I. M. (2016). Making wine and making successful wineries: Resource development in new ventures. International Journal of Organizational Analysis.Mar 2016
Hannah, SeanCavarretta, F. L. ,  Trinchera, L. ,  Choi, D. O. , &  Hannah, S. (2016). When "It Depends" Amounts to More Than Simple Contingent Relationships: Three Canonical Forms of Inversions. . Journal of Organizational Behavior.Jan 2016
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Avery, DerekDavid, E. M. ,  Avery, D. ,  Witt, L. , &  McKay, P. F. (2015). A time-lagged investigation of the impact of coworker behavior on the effects of demographic dissimilarity. Journal of Organizational Behavior.Jan 2015
Avery, DerekAvery, D. ,  McKay, P. F. , &  Volpone, S. D. (2015). Are Black Leaders "Color Safe"? The Impact of Leader Race on Organizational Stigma. Academy of Management Proceedings.Jan 2015
Avery, DerekAvery, D. ,  McKay, P. F. ,  Volpone, S. D. , &  Malka, A. (2015). Are companies beholden to bias? The impact of leader race on consumer purchasing behavior. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.Jan 2015
Dragoni, LisaDay, D. , &  Dragoni, L. (2015). Leadership Development: Outcome-oriented Review based on Time and Levels of Analyses. . Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior.Jan 2015
Sumanth, JohnHannah, S. ,  Sumanth, J. ,  Lester, P. , &  Cavarretta, F. (2014). Debunking the False Dichotomy of Leadership Idealism and Pragmatism: Critical Evaluation and Support of Newer Genre Leadership Theories. Journal of Organizational Behavior.May 2014
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Hannah, SeanHannah, S. ,  Schaubroeck, J. M. ,  Peng, A. C. ,  Lord, R. G. ,  Trevino, L. K. ,  Kozlowski, S. W. ,  Avolio, B. J. ,  Dimotakis, N. , &  Doty, J. (2013). Joint Influences of Individual and Work Unit Abusive Supervision on Ethical Intentions and Behaviors: A Moderated Mediation Model. Journal of Applied Psychology.Dec 2013
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Wayne, JulieWayne, J. ,  Casper, W. J. ,  Allen, T. D. , &  Matthews, R. (2013). Employee Family-Supportive Organization Perceptions and Organizational Commitment: The mediating role of partner attitudes. Journal of Applied Psychology.Jul 2013
Wayne, JulieGrzywacz, J. G. ,  Carlson, D. C. ,  Kacmar, M. , &  Wayne, J. (2013). A multi-level perspective on the synergies between work and family. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.Jan 2013
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