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Patel, AjayNash, R. C. , &  Patel, A. (2019). Instrumental Variables Analysis and the Role of National Culture in Corporate Finance. Financial Management.Jun 2019
Smith, ChristopherMunson, E. L. ,  Smith, C. M. ,  Boehmke, B. , &  Freels, J. K. (2019). Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data (saotd). The Journal of Open Source Software .Jan 2019
West, PageWest, P. , &  Taplin, I. M. (2016). Making wine and making successful wineries: Resource development in new ventures. International Journal of Organizational Analysis.Mar 2016
Smith, ChristopherSmith, C. ,  Scherer, W. T. , &  Todd, A. (2016). Stepping back from the trees to see the forest: a network approach to valuing intelligence. Social Network Analysis and Mining.Jan 2016
Salge, CarolinaSalge, C. (2015). The Limiting Use of Meta-Analysis in Sport Management: A Case of Constraints and Sport Leisure Consumption. Journal of Contemporary Athletics.Apr 2015
Nash, RobertNash, R. C. ,  D'Souza, J. , &  Megginson, W. (2013). An Empirical Analysis of Cross-Listing Decisions in Share-Issue Privatizations: Evidence From Developed and Developing Countries. Edward Elgar.Jul 2013
Thompson, RonaldGoodhue, D. ,  Lewis, W. , &  Thompson, R. L. (2012). Comparing PLS to Other Statistical Analysis Models: A Response to Marcoulides, Chin and Saunders. MIS Quarterly.Sep 2012
Yang, Ya-wenLaksmana, R. ,  Tietz, W. , &  Yang, Y. (2012). Compensation discussion and analysis (CD&A): Readability and management obfuscation. Journal of Accounting & Public Policy.Jan 2012
Steward, MichelleSteward, M. , &  Lewis, B. (2010). A Comprehensive Analysis of Marketing Journal Rankings. Journal of Marketing Education.Apr 2010
Smith, ChristopherParnell, G. S. ,  Smith, C. , &  Moxley, F. I. (2010). Intelligent adversary risk analysis: A bioterrorism risk management model. Risk Analysis.Jan 2010
Smith, ChristopherEzell, B. , &  Collins, A. (2010). Response to Parnell, Smith, and Moxley, Intelligent Adversary Risk Analysis: A Bioterrorism Risk Management Model, Risk Analysis, Vol. 30, No. 1, 2010. Risk Analysis.Jan 2010
Montague, NormaCohen , J. ,  Gaynor, L. M. ,  Holder-Webb, L. , &  Montague, N. (2009). Management's Discussion & Analysis: Implications for Audit Practice and Research. Current Issues in Auditing.Jan 2009
Hannah, SeanAvolio, B. J. ,  Reichard, R. J. ,  Hannah, S. ,  Walumbwa, F. O. , &  Chan, A. (2009). 100 years of leadership intervention studies: A meta-analysis.. Leadership Quarterly.Jan 2009
Montague, NormaCohen, J. ,  Gaynor, L. M. ,  Holder-Webb, L. , &  Montague, N. (2008). Management's Discussion & Analysis: Completing the Picture. Executive's Tax & Management Report.Oct 2008
Duchac, JonDuchac, J. , &  Douthett, E. (2006). An Analysis of the Initial Adoption of FAS 141 and 142 in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal.Nov 2006
Iacovou, CharalambosIacovou, C. L. (2006). An Approach for Enhancing the Efficiency and Consistency of Qualitative Case Analysis Evaluations. . Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.Jun 2006
Thompson, RonaldThompson, R. L. ,  Iacovou, C. L. , &  Shirland, L. (2006). A Comparison of Evaluation Techniques for Decision Analysis Involving Large Attribute Sets. Journal of Applied Business Research.Apr 2006
Shafer, ScottSaladin, B. , &  Shafer, S. M. (2006). Turning the Tables on Student Case Analysis Assignments. Decision Sciences Journal on Innovative Education.Jan 2006
Strickland, DanaStrickland, D. (2005). Do non-U.S. firms issue stock on U.S. equity markets to relax capital constraints?. Journal of Finance and Quantitative Analysis .Dec 2005
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. (2004). Using Correlation Matrices and Optimization to Add Practical Functionality to Spreadsheet Simulation for MBA-Level Quantitative Analysis Courses. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.Jan 2004
West, PageWest, III, G. P. (2003). Connecting levels of analysis in entrepreneurship research: A focus on information processing, asymmetirc knowledge and networks. Edward Elgar: London.Jan 2003
Avery, DerekAvery, D. (2002). Racial Differences in the Attraction of Starting Salaries: An Exploratory Analysis. Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Toronto, Canada. Apr. 2002.Jan 2002
Nash, RobertNash, R. C. ,  , W. M. , &  Van Randenborgh, M. (2001). The Financial and Operating Performance of Newly Privatized Firms: An International Empirical Analysis. Privatisation and Corporate Performance, The Journal of Finance.Feb 2001
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. , &  Powers, J. (2000). "Using Data Envelopment Analysis to Select Efficient Large Market Cap Securities.". The Journal of Business and Management.Jan 2000
Shafer, ScottShafer, S. M. , &  Byrd, T. A. (2000). "A Framework for Measuring the Efficiency of Organizational Investments in Information Technology Using Data Envelopment Analysis.". OMEGA: The International Journal of management Science.Jan 2000
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. , &  Tarasewich, P. (1999). "Selection of Notebook Computers Using Data Envelopment Analysis.". The Southern Business and Economic Journal.Jan 1999
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. , &  Strong, R. A. (1998). "Selection of Mutual Funds Using Data Envelopment Analysis.". Journal of Business and Economics Studies.Jan 1998
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. , &  Frazier, G. V. (1998). "Using Simulation adn Data Envelopment Analysis to Compare Assembly Line Balancing Solutions.". Journal of Productivity Analysis.Jan 1998
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. (1997). "Assessment of MBA Programs Using Data Envelopment Analysis.". Journal of Business and Management. Press Release.Jan 1997
West, PageWest, III, G. P. , &  Meyer, G. D. (1997). Communicated knowledge: A learning foundation. International Journal of Organizational Analysis.Jan 1997
Pinder, JonathanPinder, J. P. (1996). Decision Analysis Using Multinomial Logit Models: Mortgage Portfolio Valuation. Journal of Economics and Business.Feb 1996
Harris, FrederickHarris, F. H. ,  McInish, T. ,  Shoesmith, G. L. , &  Wood, R. (1995). Cointegration, Error Correction, and Price Discovery on Three Informationally-Linked Security Markets. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.Dec 1995
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Nash, RobertNash, R. C. ,  Megginson, W. , &  Van Randenborgh, M. (1994). The Financial and Operating Performance of Newly Privatized Firms: An International Empirical Analysis. Journal of Finance.Jun 1994
Harris, FrederickHarris, F. H. ,  Evans, R. , &  , . (1982). A Bayesian Analysis of Free Rider Metagames. Southern Economic Journal.Jul 1982