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McCray, GordonPurvis, R. L. ,  Henry, R. M. ,  Leigh, W. , &  McCray, G. (2009). Are You Managing an "Everest" Project? A Case Study Considering Issues for Project Managers Born from Tragedy. Communications of the Association for Information Systems.Jan 2009
Iacovou, CharalambosIacovou, C. L. , &  Nakatsu, R. (2008). A Risk Profile of Offshore-Outsourced Development Projects. Communications of the ACM.Jun 2008
Iacovou, CharalambosIacovou, C. L. , &  Dexter, A. S. (2005). Surviving IT Project Cancellations. Communications of the ACM.Apr 2005
Narus, JamesNarus, J. A. (2005). Connect with Your Suppliers: A Wholesaler-Distributor's Guide to Electronic Communications Systems. National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors.Jan 2005
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. , &  Tarasewich, P. (2002). "Swarm Intelligence: Power in Numbers.". Communications of the ACM.Jan 2002
McMullen, PatrickMcMullen, P. R. (2001). "Investments in Telecommunications Infrastructure Are Not the Panacea for Least Developed Countries Leapfrogging Growth of Teledensity." . International Journal for Media Management.Jan 2001